Venture Day is a conference aimed at creating unique space for exchanging information, experience and establishing relations between representatives of Venture Capital funds, R&D representatives, entrepreneurs looking for innovative solutions, scientists and startuppers.

The conference includes individual meetings of Investors and Originators organized in the form of Speed Dating, in which companies looking for capital for financing the development of their innovative projects take part.

Venture Day comprises the following events:

  1. Lectures given by experts on issues such as commercialization of innovative solutions, investing in startup projects at early developmental phases (seed capital funding), financing of R&D projects, Open Innovation and Technology Scouting
  2. workshops aiming at preparing young entrepreneurs to come onto the global market,
  3. individual meetings of the Originators with the Investors organized in the form of Speed Dating,
  4. networking giving an opportunity to freely talk, discuss and establish new contacts.

The conference is organized by the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone and, under the auspices of the National Centre for Research and Development.

Photos from the first edition of Venture Day